At Health Innovations, our primary objective is building mutually beneficial long term relationships with our candidates.

We have been helping top healthcare executives and analytics professionals advance their careers since 2009, and almost our entire network has been built on referrals. We do our best to help people, and they reciprocate by referring us their friends and colleagues.

Unique Opportunities

We represent opportunities with Healthcare’s most innovative, forward thinking organizations.  Some of these are large, established Healthcare companies and some are bleeding-edge startups. Many of the searches that we perform are not public knowledge and are on an exclusive or retained basis. Our clients turn to us when they are creating a new position and don’t even have a job description yet, knowing that Health Innovations has probably already worked on similar roles.

Your Go-To Resource

Many of the candidates we work with use us a resource to find out about market trends, detailed company information, and to ask for our advice, guidance, and counsel on companies that they are considering taking a look at. We will always provide honest feedback and share whatever insight we can provide. We take the approach that the more people you try and help, the more it will come back to you.

Bottom line – there is no other search firm who knows the industry and can provide a better service than we can.