Is your organization part of the solution or part of the problem? The metrics for success in healthcare delivery now have to include cost effective quality, outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction, to name a few. If you are looking through the rear view mirror and you are measuring your efficiency by how many patients you see, how many procedures you do without correlating these activities to outcomes….well, the clock is ticking. Fee for service reimbursement is not only perverse, it is yesterday’s model.

If your GPO asks you to be part of the “coalition of the willing” to pilot an ACO, and you think this is an innovative strategy, you may be building a bridge to nowhere.

We are seeing a variety of stakeholders who want to be part of the solution. In some iteration or another, they are becoming centers for value based medicine. They have top – down consensus and are putting the resources – money, people, cultural shift etc. in place. There are no silver bullets. Changing the game will require breaking down silos of care delivery, information management, and a level of collaboration between consumers, providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, PBMs, and the enablers of information sharing between.

It’s not just IT – having the data is necessary, but not sufficient. Having actionable information so that we eliminate care gaps, enable transitions in care and enable consumers and providers to have information at the point of care to make better choices is what we have to strive for.

So let’s go from 20,000 feet into the trenches. We have clients conducting national searches for world class candidates to direct these centers for value in medicine. MDs, RNs, PharmDs, with experience in quality research, health delivery science research and understand the new paradigm have opportunities right here, right now, to change the game. The following links will take you to some of the most forward thinking opportunities we are seeing:

Christiana Care
Rutgers University
Baylor Healthcare

Integrating data from across the enterprise so that they can evaluate care management programs, and know what is working and what isn’t….You can’t deliver quality unless you can measure it! They are developing analytics and reporting for diverse stakeholders so they can deliver the right information to the right place at the right time, and better clinical decisions can be made.

There are also opportunities for experienced health services researchers, epidemiologists, econometricians, biostatisticians, actuaries, data analysts, and SAS programmers who can serve as internal consultants across the organization. We are recruiting qualified people, who can identify program improvement opportunities, propose and test better evaluation methods, provide business requirements for production, design studies, understand relationships between program design and outcomes, aggregate and summarize data, identify issues with underlying and summary data, and produce trend and other reports. Look at the opportunities at:
and BCBS of Louisiana

Check out our opportunities page for a bunch of others. If you are interested in hearing more, we have plenty more to talk about. Great challenges, and great opportunities!