2019 has already been a very interesting year… the headlines continue to make our heads spin!

Challenge to Obamacare could leave 20 million people without health insurance

Bernie Sanders lays out his vision for ‘Medicare for All’

It seems like every day, the “rules” change.  How do you plan for the future?  How do you “value” potential solutions?    Wall Street certainly is having a hard time valuing healthcare solutions…look at the chart of Anthem’s stock (ANTM).  Quite a volatile ride, seemingly driven by every headline!

What are we seeing here at Health Innovations?  Organizations who are going to be part of the solution and not trying to hang on to the status quo.

We are seeing a forward-thinking national payer who is laser focused on leveraging advanced analytics to engage all its stakeholders – Provider, Business and Consumer.

We are seeing an Integrated Delivery System which is both a world class provider AND payer that is using advanced analytics to evaluate quality and outcomes; What is working and what isn’t working and what are the actionable steps towards performance improvement?

And check out the Community HUB initiative in Pennsylvania being stood up by the 1899 Foundation and the Jefferson School of Population Health to deliver care to vulnerable populations.

Wherever you are on your journey to Value-Based delivery of Population Health, we can help you get the right people on the bus!

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