The most valuable asset to any organization undergoing profound transformation is having the right team. Health Innovations is your key to accessing the top talent in the industry. How? That’s all we’ve done since 2009, helping our clients successfully hire world class clinical and operations executives as well as analytics executives and data scientists. Without the right people in place, there is little chance of successfully implementing Population Health and Value Based strategies.

By having a singular focus on this niche since it’s inception a decade ago, we have built an extensive network spanning all segments of the market. We know the forward thinking Delivery Systems, Providers, Managed Care Companies and associated organizations across North America. We have close relationships with the pool of passive candidates, the A-players that are not looking and would otherwise be unaware potential opportunities in the marketplace. These super stars are not on the job boards and are happy where they are. By aligning our client’s opportunity with their career goals, we literally create their candidacy.

We help our clients identify, attract, and land the candidates they want to hire, and we do it better than any other firm in the industry.