Health Innovations has a unique search process that not only identifies candidates with the requisite skills and experience, but also the people who will best fit with the client’s organization and culture; not always easy when mixing clinicians and “techies”.
This process has been developed through extensive personal experience in the field; We meet the high expectations of our clients and candidates and our emphasis is always on bringing added value to every assignment.

In most cases, we are able to present qualified candidates within 30 days and complete the search within 90 days.

A unique connection to the market

We live in the healthcare technology space, with our eyes and ears to the ground to identify new and innovative companies as well as the academic institutions that are on the cutting edge of informatics. They are the ideal training grounds for clinical informaticists to learn and develop the skills required, where the new trends begin and top executives in the field are produced. We know where to find the outstanding talent you seek.

Understanding Your Business

Before we meet with you, we will have an in depth understanding of your company and your management team. We will have created an initial search strategy, and begun to list the key sources we will draw on during the search.

Why Health Innovations?

One of Health Innovation’s strengths is our ability to grasp the complexities of an organization; the cultural nuances, and the skills, background and personality that will result in the right fit. This requires an in-depth understanding of the core competencies needed for the position. In fact, we often work with the hiring manager and corporate HR to develop the ideal job description. We truly become a “go–to” partner.

We understand that by taking on the search, we have become your advocate in the marketplace – and must represent the company and the opportunity as if we were a member of your senior management team.

At the same time, because of our extensive connections throughout the healthcare technology community, we bring you valuable feedback about your company and marketplace perceptions. Our clients depend on us for our objective advice, trusting that we will provide a straightforward, confidential assessment of the competitive landscape.

Active Recruitment and Interviewing

The thorough research we perform to identify a full list of sources, target companies and potential candidates, draws on our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and our understanding of your unique company and culture.

Communication is the key

We keep in close contact with both client and candidates throughout the process. We want to be sure that we have answered all your questions about the candidates, their backgrounds and their credentials to enable you to make the decision that is right for your company – and that candidates are excited about the career potential this new position offers.

Due Diligence

During the course of the search, we do reference checks early and often. We frequently will vet a candidate through confidential sources in the marketplace as well as the references a candidate gives us; As a result we are sure that we are presenting you with a known quantity.

Closing the deal

Because of the strong relationships we build with candidates throughout the search, final negotiations typically go smoothly. The fit and interest have already been thoroughly evaluated.

After the offer is accepted

We make frequent calls during the first few months of employment. This helps maintain personal contact and smooth the transition to the new organization. Once the search is completed, we continue to follow up with the client and the new hire to make sure that both are benefiting from the relationship.